Sadra Electro Mehbad Company (S.E.M.) was established in 1387 on a land area of 30,000 square meters in less than 2 years in Mahmoudabad Industrial Town of Qom with the aim of producing liquid chlorine, sodium hydroxide (liquid and flake), hydrochloric acid and hydrochloric acid. Sodium hypochlorite.

The products of this company are produced with the latest and most advanced chlorine-alkali production technology by membrane electrolysis method and now they export their products to some countries while maintaining domestic consumption.

Sadra Electro Mehbod Company has been successful in international markets in recent years with the aim of meeting market needs and satisfying customers by relying on the quality of its products.

Of course, the management and employees of Sadra Electro Mahbod will continue their work and respond to the needs of customers and also respond to the future needs of the market along with the quality standards of their products based on the principles and professional ethics of business and also pay more attention to this issue. And develop policies to solve these problems

Founder’s Insights

S.E.M. CEO - Mahmoud Khosravi
I start my speech with the favors of my Lord. God who gave me the power to think and the opportunity to serve people. Now, after years of continuous efforts and the cooperation of young, highly skilled, motivated and creative colleagues, we have reached the early stages of our long-term goals by producing products such as liquid chlorine, sodium hydroxide (liquid and flakes), hydrochloric acid. Acid and sodium hypochlorite. Undoubtedly, maintaining this achievement and satisfying customers will depend on the continuation of maintaining the quality and standards of the products and making more efforts in this field.